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Mini Implants


The future of implant dentistry known as minimum invasive mini dental implants


Click to mini implant denture       LOOSE DENTURES - MOST SOLVED IN ONE HOUR


SDI mini dental implants are minimum invasive, affordable dental implant procedure that can provide your denture stability.  Mini implants are miniature titanium alloy implants that act like the root of a tooth. When the implants are placed, the denture gently rests on the patient’s gum tissue. This minimally invasive procedure is becoming the system to use for stabilizing a patient’s upper or lower dentures. In most cases, the gum does not even have to be opened! In just one hour and one stage, these implants can be immediately loaded and utilized. This mini dental implant system allows for the immediate and long-term stabilization of a patient’s denture. It virtually eliminates problems associated with loose and uncomfortable dentures. Of all mini dental implant systems currently on the market, SDI is the only system approved by the FDA for long-term use. We are pleased to offer this dental implant option at Haven Family Dentistry.

OCO SDI mini dental implants can help repair your denture, allowing it to fit better and restore your freedom to talk, enjoy your favorite foods, and laugh and smile with confidence.


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