Gum Treatment / Periodontal Disease

Arestin®                                                                          FAQ


ARESTIN® is the first locally administered antibiotic (LAA) with Microspheres that has been PROVEN to be more effective than scaling and root planing (SRP) alone.  ARESTIN® + scaling and root planing (SRP) significantly reduces pocket depths, kills the bacteria associated with periodontal disease, and decreases bleeding.

ARESTIN® kills the most common pathogens associated with periodontal disease. And, with its unique Microsphere technology, ARESTIN® maintains therapeutic drug concentrations for up to 21 days.

ARESTIN® achieves minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) levels well above those required to treat common periodontal pathogens. In addition, results from a recent microbiological study showed that ARESTIN® kills red complex bacteria-P gingivalis, T denticola, and T forsynthensis- the bacteria most closely associated with periodontal disease.

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